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Delivering Secure Voice and Data Information

Military Audio Connectors

Audio Connectors

Mil-Con’s battle-proven circular audio connectors are utilized worldwide in mission-critical communications equipment. Trusted by United States and foreign Armed Forces and Special Operations for over 40 years, these reliable 5- and 6-pin connectors exceed MIL-DTL 55116 requirements and are available in standard and custom shell configurations in a variety of wire and printed circuit board terminations. These connectors deliver vital voice and data information to manpack, handheld, vehicular, and airborne radios.

High-Density Low-Profile Audio Connectors

Mil-Con’s product line delivers a tactical edge through low profile, higher density 7- and 19-pin connectors. Radio-mount receptacle connectors are low in profile to reduce the envelope required for manpack radio designs. Spring-loaded contacts are transferred to the cable side plug connectors and mate in a simple twist-on bayonet coupling. The receptacle connectors are available in a variety of solder cup and printed-circuit terminations. Space-saving designs and assured reliability provide customers the solutions they need to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s requirements.

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