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Advancing Military Radio Performance

Connected for Every Situation


Military Nano-Dataport Cable Assemblies

Secure, Molded Cable Assemblies for Radio Data, Video, and Audio Applications

Military Nano-Dataport Connectors

High Density: 30% Smaller than Standard Dataport Connectors for the Next Generation of Soldier Radios

Military Dataport Connectors

Standard 32-Position Rectangular Dataport Connectors for Conventional Military Radios

Military Battery Connectors

Orbital Ring, Pogo Pin Twist-On, and Plug/Socket Contact Style Designs

Military Audio Connectors

Circular Audio Connectors in 5, 6 and 19-Pin Arrangements to Meet or Exceed MIL-DTL-55116 Specifications

Military Filtered Audio Connectors

Standard, High Density, and Custom Filtered Audio Connectors: 5,6,19, 27-Pin Configurations

Military ON Connectors

6-Pin Circular Audio Connectors to Meet or Exceed NSA ON241774, ON241775, and ON190305 Specifications

Military Dustcaps

Protection Against EMI, Dust, and Water in Various Plating and Lanyard Options

Waterproof RF Connectors

Bulkhead SMA and TNC Connectors with Accommodations for Various Cable Types and Circuit Mounting

Waterproof RF Adapters

Sealed Adapters for SMA, TNC, and MMCX Interface Types

Waterproof RF Cable Assemblies

Made to Order with Your Choice of Waterproof Bulkhead Connectors on a Variety of Flexible Cables

Mil-Con: The Complete Solution for Military Radio

As the battlefield becomes more data-driven and dynamic, situational awareness and mission success are critically dependent on connecting ground and airborne data efficiently and securely across a soldier’s network with handheld and wearable technologies. For over 40 years, Mil-Con has supplied global military communications leaders with RF, Audio, Data, and Power connectors and cable assemblies to meet the needs of each technology generation. This tradition continues with a full complement of radio connectors including our latest product line of Nano-Dataport products.


Markets & Applications

Mil-Con serves the Military Communications market with a comprehensive line of connectors and cable assemblies. Standard products meet and exceed military specs with support from an experienced design team specializing in the development of unique features to support mission-critical functionality.

Military Handheld Radios
Military Ground Systems
Special Operations
Military Aerospace
Military Maritime

Military Handheld Radios

Military Handheld Radios utilize a range of connector styles to produce secure, reliable communications in hostile environments. Consistently providing performance, reliability, and supply chain efficiency, Mil-Con has a solution for each radio connector from the battery connection at the base of the radio to the antenna connectors at the top.

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Military Ground

Ground-Based applications require rugged systems manufactured with reliable, battle-tested connector designs. Mil-Con supports Military Ground Systems with a full line of connector and cable assembly solutions offering efficient legacy packaging in addition to newer lightweight, high-density designs.

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Special Operations

Providing mission-specific designs and features, Mil-Con is the preferred choice for highly specialized assemblies and connectors built to thrive in hostile environments.

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Military Aerospace

Crisp, secure communication is paramount in the fast-paced aerial arena of Military Aerospace. Mil-Con offers a range of RF, Microwave, Data, and Power connectors to serve the unique requirements found in these applications.

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Military Maritime

Mil-Con offers a wide range of connectors and cable assemblies for shipboard command and communication applications. IP-rated Waterproof RF cable assemblies complement a complete line of Military radio connectors, highlighting Mil-Con’s full range and capabilities as a preferred and trusted supplier in the Military Maritime Market.

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