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Rugged Battery Connectors for Tactical Military Radios

Military Battery Connectors

Meeting critical demand for fail-safe solutions, Mil-Con’s rugged family of Battery Connectors includes traditional plug/socket contact styles as well as orbital ring and pogo pin twist-on designs. Engineered to meet unique electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements, these designs include:

  • Filtered and unfiltered versions
  • Enhanced current capabilities
  • 10- and 20-meter immersion
  • Side-load damage protection
  • Choice of wire or board terminals

Flex-circuit and wiring assemblies are available to provide a complete turnkey solution to the radio and battery pack. 

Mil-Con’s Battery Connectors are compatible with a variety of MIL Batteries such as: BA5590, BB2590, BB3590, BB5590, BB590, BB390A/U, and AN/PRC-148 MBITR.

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