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Mil-Con, Inc.

About Us

Mil-Con designs and manufactures connectors, cable assemblies and accessories for the global Military Radio market and serves Industrial sectors with these products for communications in harsh environments. 

Mil-Con is unique among its peers due to its ability to fulfill every connector function on a military radio, including audio, data, RF, microwave, and battery connectors and cable assemblies. This full complement of products demonstrates our focus and commitment to the Military Radio market. Mil-Con supports these connector families with experienced design and manufacturing groups working as one team successfully serving generations of US and international radio programs.

Our History

Mil-Con was founded in 1983 as a manufacturer of 5- and 6-pin audio connectors to the MIL-DTL-55116 specification, serving ground-based military communications programs. By the late 1980’s, Mil-Con became a leading supplier of connectors to the SINCGARS program and supported these radios in Desert Storm in 1991.

Over the next 30 years, innovation continued with the development of RF, battery, data, high density, and nano-sized products serving all branches of the US military and global partners, demonstrating our continuing commitment to these vital markets.

Core Strengths

Military Audio Connectors
Military Nano-Dataport Cable Assemblies
Military Nano-Dataport Connectors
Military Battery Connectors