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Ruggedized, High Density Nano-Dataport Cables for Soldier Communications

Military Nano-Dataport Cable Assemblies

When the needs of the mission change, Mil-Con’s complete kit of Nano-Dataport Cable Assemblies quickly adapt radio data, video, or audio functionality to provide a tactical edge. Through a strong commitment towards serving the military/defense markets, Mil-Con is a recognized leader in cable assembly solutions for harsh environmental conditions.

All cable assemblies are produced at the same vertically integrated connector factory to ensure optimum efficiency with minimal lead time in a tightly controlled quality system. Mil-Con’s Cable Assemblies offer superior reliability while eliminating the need for costly third-party cabling. 

Standard and custom features include:

  • Standard lightweight molded cable assemblies for data, video, and audio
  • Shielded cable assemblies for secure data, video, and audio
  • Standard and custom wiring, lengths and labels
  • Custom cable assemblies can be configured to meet your program requirements

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