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Reliable Rectangular Connectors for Battlefield Communications

Military Dataport Connectors

Handheld radios and portable military devices typically require the rectangular form of dataport connectors to suit slim package profiles while meeting stringent environmental requirements. Mil-Con’s Dataport Connectors feature positive spring-probe contacts on cable plug connectors and durable touchpad contacts on receptacle radio connectors. The touchpad features low-profile contacts designed to prevent an accumulation of contaminants and ensure reliably secure data communication. 

Mil-Con offers two families of Dataport Connectors; standard 32-position full-size Dataport and a newer line of Nano-Dataport Connectors. For legacy systems and programs utilizing a traditional package size, Mil-Con’s full-size Dataport Connectors provide a reliable, battle-tested solution.

This versatile product group features the following options:

• Contact arrangements of 32 contacts per connector 

• Standard or filtered signal performance

• Printed circuit and solder cup terminations

• Environmental protection options to 20 meters

• Shielded cable assemblies for secure data, video, and audio

• Cable assemblies easily configured to your program requirements

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